What’s the cost to recruit the top talent in my business?

At Visionary we thrive on recruiting the best people! We know the elements that go into finding the right candidate and the onboarding process. But have you as a business ever sat down and worked out the true cost in time it takes to recruit your employees? It’s not just about filling a vacancy – it’s about finding the right fit for your company to help you reach your business goals.

Your standard recruitment process might look something like this:

  • Place an advert on various job boards
  • Job fair fees and giveaways to create brand awareness
  • Encourage and promote your refer a friend scheme (link)
  • Read through CV’s received for the position
  • Make a shortlist and a long list of candidates
  • Interview candidates
  • Conduct appropriate assessments and references
  • Offer the job position to the most successful candidate
  • Set up the onboarding process for your new recruit
  • Train your new employee

If you are a small business, and already have the responsibility of everything else, this can be an arduous task.

When working out the cost of recruitment, it’s not a simple as just working out the salary cost, you need to factor in your time lost on your business by undertaking all these tasks.  You should also factor in the cost of lost output while a replacement employee gets up to speed and the logistical cost of recruiting and absorbing a new worker. Post covid this has become even more important as businesses struggle to find the right blend of quality and flexibility.

If everything doesn’t go to plan with your process and your new employee doesn’t work out, then its back to square one with your time and expenses. This can impact productivity and team morale and put projects on hold. The impact of a flawed recruitment process can have a profound effect on your business.

The best way to avoid unnecessary recruitment costs and hassle is to use a professional. That’s where we come in! Many businesses are turning to recruitment agencies to help make the process run smoothly – even companies with a strict no agency policy are now reaching out to recruiters to help with this unpredictable recruitment drive.

So, why choose us?

  • We could save you money! That’s right! We can advertise for you across all major job boards and provide a proactive search for the right candidate all at the same time
  • We pre-screen all CV’s and can interview candidates – following preferences to produce you a shortlist of the best suitable candidates for your role
  • We can manage the recruitment and onboarding process for you, including handling counter offers and updating candidates on suitability and non-suitability for the role
  • If we don’t find the right candidate or your selected candidate declines the job offer – you don’t pay a penny for the recruitment process taken place

Our honesty is always the best policy for business. Even if it means we don’t always benefit from the outcome in the short term. We know that everything can change in a minute. That’s why we never take a back seat or hide anything from you. Keeping things clear and simple every step of the way is how we make things better for everyone. The right outcome is always our aim, no matter what. With over 10 years’ experience recruiting for the creative industry, we have the reach and expertise needed to work wonders for both clients and candidates.

So, if you’re looking to get fresh talent onboard or are seeking a new challenge, then get in touch today. What’s the cost of not……

Practical tips for blending traditional and online recruitment and onboarding

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses of all shapes and sizes have become more adept at using online solutions to keep their trade going.

As the country opens up again, we have a unique opportunity to blend this new-found knowledge with traditional recruitment and onboarding techniques to develop the most efficient and rewarding process for recruiters and new starters.

Striking a new balance

Many office-based employees have found they enjoyed the opportunity to work from home during the pandemic, despite the challenges (corralling children and pets during video calls, creating a suitable work space, missing their favourite lunchtime treat – the list goes on).

However, most now seem to support a return to the office on at least a part-time basis, to benefit from the upsides of being with colleagues while enjoying a better than pre-pandemic work/life balance.

It’s a balance that will also benefit potential new employees. Over the last year or so it’s been difficult for them to get a proper feel for a company’s culture and working environment, with remote working and interviews carried out over video calls (sometimes in a rather haphazard way as companies learned their way around new ways of working).

It’s an issue reflected in big-business thinking. Jamie Dimon, CEO of investment bank JP Morgan, says that “Most professionals learn their job through an apprenticeship model, which is almost impossible to replicate in the Zoom world. Over time, this drawback could dramatically undermine the character and culture you want to promote in your company.”

Five top tips for recruitment and onboarding in 2021

Many changes that businesses have recently put in place to facilitate remote working can also be used to promote a great recruitment and onboarding experience. Here are our top tips for how you can use them to supplement traditional techniques.

1. Make the most of online communications

Two popular choices for online communications and collaboration are Microsoft Teams and Zoom, which include video conferencing, instant messaging and file sharing within their functions. There are also options such as Whereby, which focuses mainly on online meetings.

Project management software is also available that can be used for time logging. While I wouldn’t recommend close monitoring of people’s time at their computers, these can help staff who are working flexibly to keep on top of their hours and the tracking of chargeable hours for a business’s clients. There are many options out there, including and Toggl.

I personally have found that using WhatsApp for keeping in touch with both applicants and potential employers really useful. It helps get communications through faster than with more traditional emails and it feels more inclusive. I also find that conversations can happily go off on a useful and interesting tangent when people are more relaxed and potentially away from their computer.

There are some notes of caution to sound though.

While online collaboration platforms can be incredibly useful for remote teams, functions such as ‘do not disturb’ can be particularly disadvantageous for new starters, who don’t know people well enough to understand how firm that instruction is. It’s like when people used to close their doors – colleagues who knew the person well knew whether it was safe to knock, but new starters would be afraid to as they didn’t really know ‘the rules’.

Also, new starters may be particularly nervous about going offline at the end of the day (like no one wanting to be the first to leave the office), so it’s crucial not to abuse the ability to send online messages at all hours, just because that’s when you’re working. It gives a bad impression of the workplace and new starters may feel that their home life is being intruded on more than they want to accept.

2. Optimise your interviews

The experience of actually being in the same room will never be completely replicated on an online video call. However, by being prepared properly in advance of an online interview you can still make the best of it.

First, treat it like an in-person interview. Make sure you run to time and that you and any other interviewers have all the paperwork to hand, including any information you may need to answer questions from candidates.

Second, switch off your phone and mute any applications that may ping distracting notifications. Make sure the applicants knows that they are your only concern and that their time is also valuable to you.

I strongly recommend that anyone shortlisted is invited into the workplace so they can take a look at where they will be working for at least part of the time and get a feel for the people they will be working with.

You should also continue to supplement your interviews with skills tests, which you can arrange to be submitted online if necessary through email or via platforms such as Google Docs, Dropbox or WeTransfer. Online assessment tools can also be found from providers such as Vervoe and Hire Vue.

3. Blend your onboarding methods

Share paperwork with new starters such as policies, procedures and contracts using email or one of the file sharing platforms to make the process of new starter documentation go smoothly.

If teams are working from home, you can also set up video introduction calls and key meetings in advance so the new starter has a calendar of induction events, giving them a solid framework on which to build right from the start. You can also encourage teams and managers to send welcome messages ready for the first day.

If teams are working part-time in the office, make sure the new starter knows who will be available for a face-to-face chat and when, and allow them the flexibility to choose when they also come in over the first few weeks, so they have the chance to create those connections.

4. Help new starters develop a great home-working environment

Not everyone has experience of working remotely. It may be useful to send out details of the software programmes an applicant will need to use at home and offer them advice and support from your IT team (or just a team member who’s good at that stuff) to help them get set up if needed.

Make sure new employees are aware of what makes a good home office – ask your HR team if they have any information on ergonomics that they can share and so on, to keep people healthy and well – no laptops on the sofa!

Remember that they will also need stationery supplies for working from home – perhaps you could supply those during a visit to the office before they actually begin the role? Also, make sure staff are aware of any policies on expenses to avoid any misunderstandings.

5. Make the office a special place

By improving the office environment for all staff, we can help make it a more welcoming place for potential employees and new starters too. Consider finding the space for more shared areas to support collaborative working and quiet areas to promote wellbeing. Encourage managers to have open door policies so staff can pop in easily, and an open house approach for services such as HR.

Think about ways to add value to an office visit – can you introduce charity collection points, bring in local therapists for free wellbeing sessions, or perhaps even lunchtime cooking lessons?

As long as you follow the relevant COVID restrictions, you can make a visit to the office more of a treat than a chore. Also consider ways to support staff travel if people remain concerned about using public transport.

Through great recruitment and onboarding, you can boost your staff retention and reduce expensive turnover. Your recruitment agency can help you with virtual recruitment and advise on how you can improve the onboarding experience. Give me a call to discuss the practical support we can offer.

*Reference in this blog to any specific product or company does not constitute endorsement or recommendation.

Why work with recruiters?

Why work with recruiters?

5 pros of working with recruiters to find you your next career!

Specialised Recruitment

The insight and knowledge that can be provided by specialist recruitment agencies can be second to none. If you’re looking into going into a specific industry or you’re a professional looking to switch jobs, getting in touch with a recruitment provider should be the first step you consider! 

Recruiters are experts in understanding work environments, workplace culture, and management styles, this can help you out in your job search, especially if you are new to an industry. A qualified recruitment agency can talk you through the ins and outs of a company’s culture, and what the management team is like, and give you valuable tips to prepare for the interview stage.

If you’re looking to find a job, it’s easy to assume that you can do it yourself. You may think that having a recruitment agency on your side can only be beneficial if the agency has a particular niche or an area of expertise in mind. But there are many reasons to work with a specialist recruiter, even if you have no idea what you want to do next. Visionary Recruitment has put together 5 key reasons why working with a recruiter should be your go-to move when seeking new career opportunities. 

1. It saves you massive amounts of time!

Ever spent hours and hours on job search websites looking for that dream role but nothing is catching your eye? Ever applied to hundreds of jobs but only heard back from a handful? Well, here at Visionary we understand how that can make you feel! Working with recruiters can save you your precious time and get you a result fast!

Recruiters typically will already have access to a large database of companies who are seeking candidates with your skill set and we’ll be able to match you with suitable employers quickly. As recruiters, we can also review your CV and give you guidance on cover letters for the role. In some instances, we can do this step entirely on your behalf!

No more time wasted hunched over your laptop in the late hours of the night applying to anything that vaguely matches what you’re looking for!

2. Your CV, your choice!

Working with recruiters like us gives you the full disclosure of who to go to, at the salary you request which is based on what’s in line with the current market and the location of the role.

Working with a recruiter such as Visionary Recruitment can help you determine things like if your current salary is in line with the market rate and similar to other companies in the industry or if you’re being underpaid. A dedicated recruiter can have conversations around salaries, bonuses, benefits, and company culture on your behalf. Because of our knowledge of our niches, we’ll know if what you’re being offered pay-wise fits in line with the sector.

3. More networking and interview opportunities!

Recruiters have a wealth of knowledge on what companies are looking for and where. We can use our connections to get you in front of the right people, which is why we here at Visionary suggest using a recruiter when first starting out.

Using a recruiter will give you more networking and interview opportunities, you are also saved on the recruiter’s database so that we can refer you to other companies and clients when they have an opening. This also links back to saving you time!

A great way to start is by reaching out to recruiters that specialise in your field, for example, we specialise in recruitment for the UK’s creative, digital, and marketing industries! By choosing a specialist recruiter, your skills can be connected with someone interested in hiring someone just like you!

4. Recruiters hold your hand through the entire process!

A recruiter will guide you throughout the entire process and hold your hand along the way by doing the heavy lifting. We’ll help you decide what jobs fit your skills and interests, figure out whether or not they’re worth applying for and even write your CV or cover letter if necessary!

Recruiters have your interests at heart, we WANT to see you placed in the perfect job! 

5. We understand the market!

The obvious benefit of using a recruiter is that we know the industry inside and out. We’re constantly in touch with hiring managers and know what they’re looking for and how much they’re willing to pay. We also have access to data on the current job market (like who’s resigning and why, and job trends) that can help you make better decisions about where you want to work.

Recruiters also attend industry events like conferences and award ceremonies, where we meet potential candidates face-to-face so we can get an idea of what skills are needed for certain jobs.

Check out Visonary’s Services here if we can help place you in your dream job or find you your dream candidate!
If you already know which service you require, contact us today!

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